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What is

Nifty is an index that showcases the top 50 equality stock trades of India. These stock spans include 12 different sectors of the Indian economy.

Nifty 50 includes- Financial services, consumer goods, entertainment, media, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, automobiles, metals, and so on.

It follows the patterns and trends of the most liquid and largest Indian securities.

Our expert analysts of the portfolio management team are continuously working on identifying businesses that present strong growth potential at the current valuation. As an investor, you get to choose from curated portfolios that match your risk appetite and meet your wealth objective.

You get easy online access to your portfolio and research analyst if required for discussion on portfolio and market view.


Our portfolio managers provide you education and guidance for your financial investment with high accuracy for excellent return rates.


Option Calls

In Option call, we provide a high accuracy options trading, along with a high reward rate.


Objective of this webinar is to make each participant competent in analysing and reading charts, so, that they can make their own analysis in live market.

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  • We are certified by the National Institute of Stock Market (NISM).
  • Provide a High return rate.
  • We educate people and give them financial freedom.
  • We provide a high accuracy rate.
  • 500+ students attended our webinar.
  • Best in industry.